Arrived @ 743 brings comfort without compromising style. The idea is driven by a singular vision to strive for a woman’s brand, which means something special. This applies to every teen on their prom night, every girl on their first date, and every graduate at their celebration party.
Our robust catalogue boasts a colorful, fierce and classy variety of apparel. These include casual wear, party dresses, night gowns, sports & workout accessories including pajamas, shoes, bands and more. This is where your glamour meets the style of our dresses!
Origin- The figure behind it all
The idea was conceptualized by none other than a fashion enthusiast herself, the woman behind it all, spent her earlier years modeling. Her experience in modeling has given her a great insight about the fashion industry.
She later obtained an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising. This would complement her persistent fondness of fashion and dressing with the knowledge required to realize the dream into something more tangible.
Core vision:
The brand aims to provide affordable clothing that is designed to be sleek, stylish and above all, create new trends. Thus, the Nobel venture strives to make the name ARRIVED @ 743 synonyms with confident and bold women.
After all, her idea behind choosing that peculiar name is inspirational too. The digits 743 corresponds to the time she was born, 7:43 PM. Having “ARRIVED” at such a time, she believes she was born to bring this to the empowering women. These same women, who felt the same way about striving for a goal and achieving it.
“Honey, I have arrived” – Where style meets personality
Arrived @ 743 wants to be your personal stylist with set categories aligned with the nature of the event you are planning to attend. With hundreds of combinations to choose from, our brand constantly reshapes to cater to your style and thus recommends apparel like a fashion consultant.
We are committed to providing you the most suitable and satisfactory design choice. Hence, regular and frank communication for fashion-related queries and advices are always entertained. Get ready for the most personalized customer experience possible on an e-commerce platform.